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In-Vision Festival
The Dublin Festival of Video Art and Creative Film ran on the 
12th of July at the LightHouse Cinema, Dublin

We believe in artists who have vision          

          because it is vision that will change the way we see.

In-Vision’s goal is to highlight the best of Irish and international video art and creative film. We want to celebrate all forms of experimental film ranging from video art to screen-dance in an extensive and broad spectrum of wonderful artists and creators. Our festival will be held in the popular LightHouse cinema in Dublin city where we will have live screenings of successful applicants and a Q&A with selected artists. We are a non profit organisation and unlike most film festivals we do not believe in charging applicants submission fees. We are all about fairness and equality in the arts and encourage people from all walks of life to apply, you do not need an art/film degree or any previous exhibition experience to be part
of the festival.

Official In-Vision poster by the wonderful Shota Kotake
In-Vision Festival