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Laura Spark: Cygnus 2016
Cygnus is a reflection on the beguiling, manipulative and violent nature of power. An adaptation of the Greek myth Leda and the Swan, the film mirrors the message, as myth mirrors reality. Zeus' deception is laid bare as a narrative of allure, treachery and brutality. A warning against charismatic tyrants.

Laura Spark came to animation from a background in performance, bringing strong theatrical elements to her work. Drawing on themes from folk, horror and psychedelia, Laura’s perverse insights into contemporary anxieties are haunting and visceral.Years of dank basements, DIY Culture, disused buildings, urban hinterlands and brooding forests culminate in fragmentary worlds in which tales of subtle horror unfold.Currently emerging from a 2 year Masters in Animation at the Royal College of Art.Laura has also worked across theatre and TV in production and management roles as well as performance and directing.

Please visit Sparks Website, Instagram and Vimeo account for more information on the artist.
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