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Flesh and Blood

Dance artist Anna Halprin once said “The body is living art. Your movement through time and space is art.” Our bodies are used as portals to move through this world. The base of all our communication with one another. It is our flesh and blood that is the base of what makes us human and how we are all linked to one another. On this our inaugural year we are asking artists/film-makers to respond to the theme of  Flesh and Blood - through the powerful medium of film.

Our open call is now closed. Thank you to all the talented artists and film-makers who submitted their work.

In-Vision offers artists

  • Respect for all artists and film-makers visions
  • Live screenings in a popular cinema in Dublin city centre- The LightHouse
  • Promotion of all artists involved across all soical media and on our website
  • Offical coloured printed pamphlet of In-Vision artist directory and festival activities
  • Professional documentation of film screening
  • A professional, highly organised festival team
  • Free tickets to the festival
  • Please note we are unfortunately unable to offer artists/film-makers an artist fee. We are a non profit festival and have recieved no funding. The festival is entirely self funded.

In-Vision Festival